Young Entrepreneur

Hello, my name is Bret, I am a 21 year old entrepreneur with experience running two companies. My business path began in the early stages of College. I was first introduced to the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute . I never took the progressive steps through the program because I was denied entry. However, this kick started my love for business as a freshman in College. A year passed by and I was still trying to find my passion as a business man. I found a lot of my inspiration from my father. He was a well known leader in the manufacturing industry and passed down a bloodline of knowledge and success stories I can only imagine he wished he had when he was growing up.

After my Freshman year passed, I wanted to get more involved in programs at school. I had found my first job as a banker and was making a steady income staying with my parents during college. I found my business outlet  my sophomore year in DECA. I competed my first year of DECA in 2016 where I placed 3rd place in both Marketing Management and Human Resource Management two of the largest areas of students. While it was great to win and compete at the national competition, there was an unrecognized opportunity that allowed me to kick start my career as a young entrepreneur. I had met one of my future best friends at the event that would later tie me in as the CFO of his company Nanotechnovate.

As our friendship grew so did our business knowledge. That same spring we decided to compete at several pitch competitions with our pathogen detection devise SDS.  With the little knowledge we had pres4enting we took what we had and worked day and night on a pitch. We ended up receiving our first funding at the  Regnier Venture Creation Challenge. Little did we know that this small amount of funding was going to change our path as entrepreneurs forever. After the event we were contacted and invited to participate as E-Scholars.

As E-Scholars we attended sessions at the UMKC Bloch School of Entrepreneurship . During our time here we were able to meet and speak with some of the top business men, venture capitalist, and angel investors in the Kansas City area. As we continue to attend these sessions today we have taken the knowledge from the program to not only expand our product line but to create our newest business, L.T. Jensen , a content marketing firm finding a niche in small local businesses.

Following the  creation of L.T. Jensen my fire for expanding capitol and business knowledge has influenced my decision to invest into a blog. Which is where I am standing now to explain and document my expertise  and journey through the business world as a Growing Entrepreneur.